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Thousands of successes with Diplomas every year

Every week hundreds of students sit our Diplomas in maths & English online.

In the last 12 months, over 18,000 of these Diplomas have resulted in a pass and a personalised certificate sent directly to the student.

Have you taken a Diploma recently?
Have a look at the Maths & English Diploma pass lists to see your name if you have recently passed a Diploma, or to see if anyone else you know is on the list.

Click here for Masterminds English p 13


Click here for Masterminds Mathsp 14   


To see your name on Masterminds:
  • If you are already an Educational Backup Services student - go to your learning system and take a Diploma.
  • If you are not currently an Educational Backup Services student – contact us here or call us on 0208 658 7711 to see if our products could help you improve your maths & English.
Masterminds is now also included within the Personal Learning Space for each student. 

To see your latest Diplomas go to, login using your normal User Name and Password and you will find Masterminds in the left hand column of your personal learning space.