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SATS and Revision Help

At this time of year if your child is in year 2 or year 6 many parents thoughts turn to SATS exams. The SATS (Standard Assessment Tests) are the national testing mechanism that assesses your child's progress in maths, English and science. They determine the level that your child is effectively able to work at; and for those students in year 6 will determine the streams or sets they are put in when moving on to secondary school the following year.

Many parents tell us that they don't understand the methods their children are being taught by in school, but really want to be able to help. As parents we all want our children to achieve at the best level they can, and so many parents look for tutoring at this time to support their children with exams and the all important transition to secondary school.

SATS will take place in mid May and so schools will now be setting your children work to help prepare them for the exams. However, with large class sizes and limited staff ensuring that all children are at the level they could be is a daunting task for teachers.

We all know that children learn at different speeds so ensuring your child achieves at the best level they can is critical for future success and confidence. Educational Backup Services provides targeted one-to-one tutoring that focuses on the needs of your child, whilst helping build confidence and a solid foundation for learning. We are also authorised by the QCDA and use the exact QCDA questions that are in the SATS and GCSE's; so you can be confident that we focus on the specific topics and issues for your child at this important time.

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