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p_13.jpg At the Heart of School and Life

We all know that if you are poor at English it really limits your opportunities in life. Simple things like filling in an Application Form for a job, applying for a Driving Licence or just simply finding out what is on at the Cinema all rely on being able to read and write. It is something that the majority of us take for granted. But for some, who missed out at school or didn't really understand it, it can be a huge challenge in later life.

Approximately 16% of all adults in the UK today are functionally illiterate - this means that they cannot even read and write to the standard expected of an 11 year old leaving Primary School. This is a huge disadvantage for them in life and many never recover from it.

At EBS, wherever and whenever your children run into a difficulty, we can help with it. Our experienced English tutors are all UK Qualified Teachers who have years of experience teaching in schools and tutoring children who are having difficulties with their English. They are familiar with pretty much all of the problems children have with English and have developed effective methods for dealing with them, helping children through their difficulties and giving them the confidence to tackle the next level.

From Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 4

Children have problems with English at all ages and all levels. That's why at EBS we cover English from the first term of Primary School right up to GCSEs at 16 years old. Whatever the age of the child and whatever the subject area they are struggling with, our experienced teachers will be able to help them.

Children learn at different rates and no two children are the same. But English is English and however fast or slowly your children are learning or their class is progressing through the curriculum, the subjects they will have to master remain the same. EBS can help with all English topic areas up to GCSE standard. Our specialist English teachers can help with any of these areas where children are having difficulties.

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