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Our Subjects

AT EBS we currently focus on maths and English. These are the two main building blocks upon which much of education is built and are key skills that carry us through into adult life.

With many children leaving school without achieving the recommended GCSE passes in maths and English and holding them back in life, we at EBS believe that getting support to children as soon as possible when they need it is key to keeping them engaged, so that they do not fall behind and lose interest.


p_14.jpgMaths is often a subject that children find hard and parents who may also have found it hard at school often feel unable to help their children. Yet it is a basic life skill. Being able to manage money, work out bills and check bank statements is not possible without maths.
It also underpins many other subjects such as science, engineering, computing and many other subjects where well-paid jobs and careers are available meaning that many jobs are also not open to people without good maths skills

So getting command of maths at every stage of school is really important and missing out can lock children out of exciting and well-rewarded careers in later life


p_13.jpgBeing able to read and write in English is probably the most fundamental life skill. Without it even the most basic tasks such as getting on the right bus, filling in a basic form for a driving licence or reading to your children become barriers to success and fulfilment.

And yet the English language has one of the most diverse and exciting literary traditions in the world, with a range of books, periodicals, poetry and other materials.

With the Internet making them available to children more easily than ever before, where English is the global language of choice, ensuring that children can read and write good quality English has never been more important