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Checkups at the End of Every Term

Parents often tell us that the reports they get from school are very infrequent and often don’t give much detail. When many teachers have to write up to 200 reports at a time, this is understandable.

But parents also tell us that they want more information on how their child is doing and whether they are falling behind in anything and children are often reluctant to admit they are struggling.

So at EBS we ask every student registered with us to do a maths and an English test at the end of every term, to assess their progress and we report back to parents on the results.

Online Testing – Children’s Preference

Online checkups  At the end of every term we will put a maths’ and English test into every student’s personal online learning space. Clicking on the link will activate an online test.
These tests are set to be appropriate for the children’s age and their current school year, to test how well they have understood the lessons they have had that term. They are there to reassure you as parents that your children are on track, or to let you know exactly where they may have gaps in their learning and need help from our teachers.

Each test has simple instructions, which vary depending on the age of the child and the specific test. The child simply works through the test a question at a time until they complete the test and then submits it for marking.

E-mail Reporting Direct To Your Preferred Inbox

Once the checkups have been marked, we will e-mail the results directly to your nominated e-mail Inbox, with a report showing what subjects have been tested and the score the child achieved in each subject.

Diploma reportThese simple graphical reports allow you to quickly see at a glance where the children have a good understanding of what they have learned and where they have gaps in their learning. We can then work with you and the children to tackle those gaps. So no waiting for school reports to come home and no logging on to a school system to find information. It gets automatically delivered directly to your Inbox and is immediately available to discuss with the children.

It could not be simpler - online testing with results e-mailed direct to your family Inbox - keeping you informed about your children's progress and any gaps in their learning, so you can make sure they are addressed before they become a  barrier to progress at school and start to undermine your children's confidence.