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Personal Online Learning Space for Every Child

Personal e-learning space

Every child registered with Educational Backup Services has their own unique online learning space. Not just one per family, but one for every child. This lies at the heart of the EBS service and from here all our students access their checkups, Diplomas, the SilverBoard online whiteboard and any other applications in the product set they have available.

Secure and Personal

student_log_in_tab_half_sizeEach child’s online learning space is accessed from our website via the "student login" tab on every page with a unique user number and password.  These are supplied when you originally register for the service and ensure that only the child whose learning space it is can access it.

The personal online learning space is divided into 3 areas:


At the top of the page, this shows the current end of term checkups. When they are first available at the end of each term the link is green. But if they are not taken within 2 weeks of being ready, they turn red allowing parents to see at a glance if children have completed their checkups or not.It also has a brief summary of what Key Stages apply to children of different ages.This area also has a welcome message personal to the child and on their birthday it will have a "Happy Birthday" message as well.

Checkups in personal e-learning space


Maths diplomas in personal e-learning space


At the bottom of the screen are two columns of Diplomas, one each for maths and English. These are arranged by Key Stage (see National Curriculum) and the levels available are set by EBS based on their age and progress. When a child selects a Diploma an additional parental authority password will be requested, to ensure that you as parents are happy that the child is ready to sit that Diploma. More information on passwords

Access to other Applications

The centre panel of the screen provides links to access other applications in the package. Every child has access to SilverBoard via a link in this space and any other applications have their own links to access them in this space.

SilverBoard, the unique EBS online interactive whiteboard, can only be accessed via the child’s personal online learning space, from where it is launched. It cannot be accessed in any other way and it lets the teacher know which child they are working with, ensuring that only one child and one teacher can be online at the same time.

SilverBoard launch