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Qualified UK Teachers

Here at EBS every tutor is a UK Qualified Teacher and registered in the UK as a Qualified Teacher. Many tutor services use other types of tutors, including young Oxford and Cambridge graduates, post graduate research students tutoring to earn money to pay for their studies or engineers and consultants using tutoring to supplement their incomes.

What is a UK Qualified Teacher?

UK Qualified TeachersSince 2001, any teacher who wants to teach in a UK state school has to be someone with Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). Qualified Teacher Status is the accreditation that enables them to teach in state-maintained and special schools in England and Wales.

On achieving Qualified Teacher Status they are given a Teacher Number - their official registration number, without which a UK state school will not be able to employ them.

Government guidance from the Department of Education for tutors to be used by schools for extra support state that:

“Tuition should only be carried out by a qualified tutor”.

They define a qualified tutor as either:
  • someone with Qualified Teacher Status; or
  • an overseas qualified teacher eligible to teach in schools in England; or
  • Newly Qualified Teachers in the summer before they attain Qualified Teacher Status; or
  • those with teaching and subject specific qualifications from the University or Further Education sectors.

Why do EBS only use UK Qualified Teachers?

At EBS we are supporting your children's education alongside their school. So we do not see why our tutors should be any less well qualified than this.

We therefore require that all of our tutors have Qualified Teacher Status and the related classroom experience. Through that they have an understanding of the many and varied difficulties children can have with maths & English at school and they have well developed methods and tools for helping the children overcome those difficulties to ensure that children progress at the pace that is right for them.

And because we only use UK Qualified Teachers at EBS, as parents you can be absolutely sure that they are completely familiar with both the National Curriculum and with all the methods used to teach in schools today.

When combined with our SilverBoard interactive web-based whiteboard technology, this enables them to provide detailed one-to-one tutoring sessions to help your children overcome their difficulties and develop their understanding of maths & English, enabling them to achieve their full potential.

How do Teachers get Qualified Teacher Status?

Qualified Teacher Status is achieved through completing initial teacher training (ITT) and demonstrating the ability to meet a set of required standards. The standards apply to all trainee teachers. They are a formal set of skills and qualities required to be an effective teacher and are a set of statements that set out what a person must know, understand and be able to do in order to be an effective teacher.

Teachers gain Qualified Teacher Status on either school-based training schemes, such as school-centred initial teacher training or through Universities and colleges that offer courses, which include at least 18 weeks spent teaching in schools.

So all Qualified Teachers have to have practical experience in schools as part of their training and qualifications.

What are the standards for Qualified Teacher Status?

The standards for Qualified Teacher Status are organised under three inter-related groups:

Professional Attributes

These are the attitudes and commitment expected of a qualified teacher. They cover: developing professional relationships, communicating with others, understanding relevant legal frameworks and engaging with professional development.

Professional Knowledge and Understanding

Newly qualified teachers must be confident in the subjects they teach and have a clear understanding of how all children and young people make progress as well as an understanding of how teachers contribute to the well-being of children and young people and of what influences affecting child development.

Professional Skills

These are the skills of teaching, including planning, assessing, monitoring, giving feedback, team working and collaboration. They set standards for the promotion of positive attitudes to learning, discipline and safe learning environments. They are underpinned by the other attributes and knowledge above.

Further information on Qualified Teacher Status can be found on the website of the Training & Development Agency for Schools, the official government website for teacher training advice and guidance QTS page.