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Traditional tutors generally come to your home for half an hour or an hour, once a week. This is because it allows the tutor to make effective use of their time and because it is a financially viable way of doing things for them. It isn't because the session time is the best time for your children to learn or because it is the optimum amount of time for a lesson. And it has been that way for a long time.

6 days a week - 52 weeks a year

Freephone_Teacher_HelplineAt EBS we believe that when a child has problem with their schoolwork or homework, they do not want to wait a few days until the tutor comes round again, they want to sort the problem out today, so they can complete their homework and not fall behind in class until their next tutor session.

So we provide tutors 6 days a week when children need them i.e. when they are doing their homework. The tutors are available every weekday evening from 4pm to 7pm and again on Saturday mornings from 10am to 1pm. The children can call them as much as they need to, whenever they need to within those times. We don't close during the holidays either so we are always available for revision or for resits or for back-to-school preparation.

As an example, perhaps your child has had improper fractions explained to them by an EBS tutor on Monday evening, but wakes up on Tuesday morning and has forgotten what a denominator is. They can call the tutor again on Tuesday evening and have it re-explained. They don't have to wait another week until their tutor calls again and you don't have to pay twice to have the same lesson taught again.

Access to Checkup and Diploma Results to Target Tutoring Time

When your children call the TeacherLine, the tutors will have access to all their recent checkups and Diplomas online. These will help them understand where the children may have weaknesses and where they clearly understand concepts already. That way they don't waste time testing the children to find out what they do and don't already understand. They can quickly see where the problem is and focus in on those areas where the children need help and support.

Working screen-576-884Using our unique Interactive Whiteboard technology, they can then have a detailed one-to-one tutoring session with your children, drawing and writing on a web-based interactive whiteboard workspace to work through the issues and then let the children demonstrate that they have understood the lesson afterwards.

And because they are all UK Qualified Teachers, they have the classroom experience to ensure that they use the methods used to teach in schools today and do not cause any confusion with school and their class teachers.

We Support Parents & Carers Too

We sometimes find that young or sensitive children can be nervous at first about talking to a stranger on the phone whom they have never met.  This is quite common and not something you should worry about as parents. We are quite used to this situation and our teachers are very used to working with parents and carers on the telephone.

Parents and carers can then either work through the issues with the children after the call, or by using the SilverBoard, they can explain it to the children whilst on the phone and the teacher can be working with the child on the whiteboard alongside the parent's explanation.

After a little experience with the Helpline, children very quickly gain confidence and get used to using the Helpline themselves.