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Diplomas for Practice and Testing Anytime

At Educational Backup Services, we believe it is important to reward students for hard work. This is why we allow them, at any time during their school life, to apply for a Diploma.
Students may attempt any Diploma at their Checkup level and one level above – with Parent/Carer permission. But we would ask you to consider that when a child fails, it can be demotivating. We would recommend that you only allow students to sit a Diploma when you believe that they are capable enough to try that level of work.


Success Brings Confidence and Motivation

Should a student pass (achieve more than 80%), then an email will be sent to your nominated Inbox congratulating them and a Diploma certificate will be sent in the post. We ask that Parent & Carers allow the students to display their Diplomas in the family home before keeping them in their Achievement Folder.

Experience has taught us that when students are rewarded for success, it builds their confidence and motivates them to keep working hard.
      Gold Diploma Certificate

Gaps Identified for Action

Should a student score less than 80%, an email will be sent to the Parent/Carer explaining which areas require extra attention and the student will be “prevented” from re-attempting that Diploma for one month. The report will show the subjects that have been tested and the score achieved in a simple bar chart format. This allows you and the children to see at a glance where they have gaps in their learning for them to improve before they resit the Diploma.

Whilst it is possible for a student to apply for a Diploma at any time, if they are unsuccessful in achieving the Diploma, they will be “prevented” from attempting that particular Diploma for one month.

When the student re-attempts that Diploma, it will again require the Diploma Password to be entered. We would stress that Parents & Carers should not allow this unless they are confident that the student has done the extra work required.

How to Apply for Diploma

In order to sit a Diploma, the student must log onto at the "student login" tab at the top of the website page
  • Click on “student login”
  • enter the Username, Password and click on “Login”
This will bring you to the Student Page
  • Click on the “Diploma Examination” that the student would like to attempt
This will then bring the student  to the Diploma Password (Parental Code) screen.
  • As Parents / Carer please then enter your  “Diploma Password” allowing the student to continue
Please note that by doing this you are confirming your approval to sit at this level.
You are also confirming that the students will do all of the work on their own.
  • The student will then complete the on-line Diploma Examination and submit it for marking
  • When the student has submitted the Diploma Examination, it will be automatically marked.
  • Once it has been marked and checked, the results will be e-mailed direct to your family Inbox.
Should a student not finish their examination in one sitting, they will be able to save their work and return to complete the exam at another time. This will no longer require the "Diploma Password" number.