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Maths & English Tutoring and Testing Solutions

Key Building Block Subjects

Maths and English are the two cornerstones of children's learning. They are the subjects upon which everything else is built. So if early difficulties are not addressed quickly, they can cause many problems later on.

At EBS we specialise in maths and English and have done so since we started, knowing how important these "Building Block" subjects are to children's success in school and later life. Even today, 16% of children will leave school at 16 with a very poor ability to read, write and do basic arithmetic.

This is why at EBS we offer maths and English combined. These 2 building blocks are so crucial for educational success that, unlike many tutors we do not differentiate between them when tutoring children. Our teachers work as a team and whatever the maths or English problem your children are having, our teachers will be able to help them with it.


Key Stages 1 - 4 fully covered

Age is no guarantee of success. So we cover maths and English from when they first go to primary school right up to their GCSEs at 16. In schools these are known as Key Stages 1 to 4 and you can find out more about these on our National Curriculum Page.

Our Checkups, Diplomas and Freephone TeacherLine are fully aligned with the National Curriculum and use the methods taught in schools today, which can be very different to those parents learned when they were at school.

We Help Parents Too

dad and son doing homework
It is well established that the most effective help a child can get with their learning outside the classroom is when their parents are involved in that process. It can be up to six times more effective than simple additional work at school. We also know that when they are young, children are often quite nervous about speaking on the phone to a stranger they haven't met.
Our teachers will often talk parents through the problem the children are having, so the parents can then help the children themselves, even if it is doing things very differently to when they were at school.  Some parents also find the National Curriculum confusing and are unsure where their children should be. Our programme is 100% aligned with the National Curriculum and our teachers are fully conversant with it.

So if parents want to help the children themselves, we can support them where are approaches to maths or English teaching or methods that have changed since they were at school and they need to know how to be able to work with their children in the same way the school does now and not confuse them.

Not Forgetting Grandparents

Nowadays, with many families having both mum and dad working, we know that many grandparents are also very involved in children's lives. Often they will collect children several days a week from school and be the ones who help them with their homework on those days. 

At EBS we support whoever it is that is helping the children. We have many conversations with grandparents as well as parents.
Our goal is making sure the children get the help they need, either from our UK Qualified Teachers or from whoever is there to help them at home when they need and today that can often be grandparents.