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Maths & English Tutoring, Testing and Homework Support

At Educational Backup Services we understand that all children are different and learn at different speeds. However, families come to us for one reason and one reason only; to support and tutor their children with their maths and English. But that want or need for support, can be for a number of different reason and there are many things you should take into account when selecting a tutor or tutoring service.

We specialise in maths and English, as these are the key foundation subjects on which most of our children's education is built. Without a sound basis in these two core subjects children can lose confidence, become demotivated and school can become very difficult for them. All of this can affect many aspects of their education from their progress in class to exams and on in to later life.

The reason we’re so popular with parents and children is that:
  • we give children help when they need it, not just once a week; and
  • we don’t ask them to use their time working on topics they have already mastered, only the ones they haven’t
  • and we keep parents informed on a regular basis of their child's progress

How Do We Do It?

Your children’s success will come from the fact that we target precisely the area of help they need, using the exact QCDA questions that are in their SATS and GCSE’s. We identify problems that they have and fix them.
We regularly assess your children's ability to ensure that we understand where we can help and we keep parents informed on a regular basis on their children's progress.
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At Educational Backup Services we only use QUALIFIED UK REGISTERED TEACHERS to tutor your children. As we know that children can need help at any time, we also give you UNLIMITED access to our Freephone TeacherLine 6 days a week.
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Regular Practice
We set regular work for your children based on your children's ability level, and on the assessments we run with them. This work is set to challenge them as well as help ensure that they have a solid foundation in the particular topic area.
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Diploma 1 Motivation
Confidence can be one of the major issues for all students. So we give students the ability to sit a Diploma whenever they want. These help show them that they have the ability to succeed and help boost their confidence and motivation.
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 How Can You Find Out More?

family enquiry form We offer a free assessment service and demonstration to discuss your children’s individual circumstances and needs and see whether our service will meet your requirements.To discuss your requirements please send us some brief details using our family enquiry form and one of our consultants will contact you the same day