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Helping children learn at home

We all know the problem. Getting the children to talk about school when they come home can sometimes be a very one-sided conversation.

And as for getting them to tell you what homework they’ve got, never mind letting you help, well that can seem like an uphill battle sometimes too.

They key thing is getting them to talk to you and developing strategies for getting involved and starting to help without the children feeling you don’t trust them or are pushing them too hard.

Well the good news is that you are not alone. Thousands of other parents have faced this problem over many years. The bad news is that the fact that others have the same problems doesn’t make it any easier for you and your children. So how do you go about tackling this issue?

Here at EBS we found this Direct.Gov site and it seemed to us that perhaps many parents in this situation might find it helpful in developing methods to work with your children to support their learning at home.

To access the site click here or copy this url into your browser

The site has 3 sets of ideas, provided as simple downloadable Pdf documents that you can print out and use or just save to your computer until the day you need them.

Each of the downloadable Pdf’s has been designed to be suitable for different age range children, those from 5-10, 8-13 and 14-19 years old. They include thoughts as to how you might start a conversation to get the children to open up to you and helpful hints about how to help them improve and how to handle difficult situations.

They also contain links to other sites you may find useful