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Helping your Children

Have you ever asked yourself as a parent  any of these questions?
  • Should I help my children?
  • How do I best help them?
  • What if my way is different to their teacher?
  • Will I upset their teacher?
  • Am I even qualified to help them or am I doing more harm than good?
  • Where can I find answers when I don't know how to help?
  • Why does what I do seem to make things worse sometimes?
These and many other questions like them have kept most parents awake at night at sometime in their children's school lives.

In March 2010 BECTA, the recently closed government agency for technology in education published a report showing that over half of children are confused by their parents when they try to help with school work creating even more uncertainty for parents and their children.

At EBS we are always looking at these issues and listening to what our students and their parents are telling us.

In this section we will be drawing together what we have found and encouraging you to share your thoughts with us. So we are keen to hear from parents or other professionals such as teachers or school governors about other information our EBS families and their friends might find helpful.

You don't have to be an EBS customer to share ideas, everyone is welcome to contribute.

So do get in touch with us using our standard contact form or e-mail us at and share those tips with other families via the EBS Fridge Door.