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The EBS Fridge Door

For many families today, the kitchen is the heart of daily family life and the fridge door is the family notice board.

All the family information such as school timetables, the children's latest pictures, holiday postcards from friends, useful contact numbers, the number and money off voucher from the Friday night pizza delivery company and loads of other useful information are all stuck the fridge door with little magnets or on Post-it notes.


Here at EBS we have developed our own Fridge Door for all our customer families. On it you will find useful links to other helpful websites, pictures and letters that students or parents have sent in, useful articles that offer advice from us and from other specialist who have written them for us and a really useful page on the National Curriculum and how it works. We also have some maths and English games for the children to enjoy for a little bit of downtime as well, but still helping them with their maths and English in a fun way.

We are always interested in hearing children's and families' recommendations for useful information they have found that they think would be useful to other parents. So with over 40,000 families registered with EBS currently, there is bound to be a lot of helpful advice and knowledge out there.


Share recommendations for useful information with us and we'll post it on the EBS Fridge Door


E-mail anything you think will be helpful to the Customer Support Team at or via our contact us page. We will put the best of the items up on the Fridge Door and update it regularly. So check back regularly to see what's new and make the EBS Fridge Door the first place you look when you want advice and ideas.

We even aim to have a blog and discussion forum running within a few weeks so you can come and ask the EBS community for their advice, even if there isn't anything already posted for your issue or problem.

We all look forward to hearing from you soon.