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6 Ways the Educational Backup Team of English & Maths Tutors Can Help Your Children

1. Instant access to specialist UK English & Maths Tutors

With EBS your children can get immediate one-to-one English and maths tutoring help with their Maths and English questions from Tutors who are all UK Qualified Teachers based in the UK. Available 6 days a week at key homework times, not just once a week with an in-home tutor - and that's all year round including the holidays.

2. More affordable than other Maths & English Home Tutors

EBS is just one price for both maths and English combined - and that's for the whole family of up to 6 children, not per child. With home tutors costing up to £25 per hour per child per subject every week, EBS makes one-to-one tutoring affordable for your family and lets you give them the help they need, whenever they need it.

3. Targeted Tuition and Homework Support

By focussing on what they don't know not practising what they do, the EBS English & Maths Tutors give immediate help to your children and then let them get straight back into their homework or revision with no time wasted. They work with your children in small bite sized chunks, rather than a whole hour at once, giving children just the help they need at that point.

4. Motivating and Confidence Building

Success breeds success. Immediate help to maintain progress at school and build confidence rather than waiting for home tutor to call, ensures your children don't fall behind and lose confidence. With maths & English being building blocks for almost all other subjects at school, increasing their skills and confidence in these core subjects can improve all their school results.

5. Safe and Convenient

No strangers visiting your home. No trips to tutoring centres or tutor's homes. All EBS English and Maths Tutors are all UK Qualified Teachers and work in a 100% secure tutoring environment - only the teacher and the child or parent have access. It's also convenient for you because your children are in charge of their learning and can use the tuition as they need it.

6. Helps Parents (and Grandparents) Too

Many things are taught differently today to the way parents learned them at school. The EBS English and Maths Tutors are all experienced teachers and know how things are taught today, unlike many home other tutors. So they can help you too if you want to help your children yourself, especially young or sensitive children who are nervous about talking to strangers at first.