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Terms of Trade


This document is intended by you and us to be legally binding once signed by both of us and we will assume that by signing this document you understand its terms. Therefore it is important that you should carefully read and understand all of the terms and conditions below if you do not wish to agree to any of them, or do not understand any of them, you should raise any such concern with us, or ask us for an explanation before you agree to the terms of this document.

1. The following words have the meanings set out next to them below:

“the Customer” means the person(s) named at the top of this document
“the Company” means Educational Backup Services Limited

2. The Customer shall not withhold or reduce the amount due to the Company on account of any complaint unless the Company has received such complaint in writing. In any event, the Customer shall not withhold more than a reasonable proportionate part of the sum due to the Company bearing in mind the alleged issue.

3. If any payments made by the Customer to the Company by cheque or credit card are returned for re-presentation or dishonoured then the Customer will be liable to the Company for any reasonable administration charges which the Company incurs in connection with the returned or dishonoured payments.

4. The services ordered are personal to the Customer’s child/children; they have been selected for use by that/those particular child/children and the Customer may therefore not assign, sell or otherwise transfer any benefit under this Agreement to a third party.

5. The Company will try to resolve any disagreements which may arise quickly and efficiently, but if the Customer is not happy with the way the Company deals with any disagreement, the Customer may take Court proceedings against the Company.

6. The Services provided under this contract start on the date of the Agreement / date of purchase and are available for the EBS Term shown on the Agrerement.