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Passwords and Security


EBS supplies all students and parents with a unique user name and password for their accounts. Each student has his or her own personal user name and password that must be used to access their Personal Online Learning Space.

Passwords are not transferable and may only be used by the student or parent for whom they have been created. They should not be given to anyone else.

If you lose or forget your username or password, our Customer Support Team at EBS can remind you of it, or reset it if you prefer – just call 0208 658 7711 anytime Monday to Friday from 9.00 am to 5.30 pm.

If someone else has been given your password or username and you want to change it,  just call 0208 658 7711 anytime Monday to Friday from 9.00 am to 5.30 pm and our Customer Support Team will be pleased to help you.


At EBS we take your children’s security very seriously and we have 8 simple but powerful principles to ensure this:
  1. We never use or record a child’s e-mail address. We will only use and hold a family e-mail address controlled by a parent or carer or other responsible adult and which has been given to us on registration with EBS.
  2. When we communicate by e-mail it will only be through this family controlled e-mail box that you have nominated
  3. Every child has a unique user name and password, without which they cannot log in to their personal online learning space. This will be sent to the family on registration.
  4. All children have a personal online learning space accessed using their unique username and password. Each child in a family has their own user name and password to access their own personal online learning space. It is not shared with any other member of the family or anyone else.
  5. Children can only access our SilverBoard* interactive whiteboard through their own personal online learning space and no other children can access it at with them. The only other person who can access it is the teacher who is tutoring the child and they have to log in through the child’s learning record. The teacher’s name is always displayed to the children when they are on the SilverBoard and the child's name is always displayed to the teacher. In this way we always know which teacher is talking to a child to any time and can always refer back to see this at a later date.
  6. Every teacher who works for EBS and tutors children is a fully Qualified UK Registered Teacher.
  7. Teachers and other staff who have access to the children’s learning information and learning records can only access these using a unique username and password of their own.
  8. Every manager, member of staff and teacher who works for EBS has been CRB checked.

Data Security

To enable us to operate our services for you and your family we need to hold both personal and educational data. We seek to ensure that we only hold the data that is necessary for the provision of our services and to be able to communicate with you in the way you have asked.

All such data is held in a secure environment. Our systems are all hosted in the UK by some of the largest professional hosting companies in the country and have the latest security protection available.

All databases conform to the highest UK Data Protection Standards and the latest data protection legislation in the UK and we are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office to hold and use personal data.

Access to data within EBS is strictly controlled and managed, using passwords and access level management software to ensure that staff only see the data they need to see to do their jobs and meet our customer’s needs and requests.