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One-to-one Maths & English Tutoring Available 6 Days Per Week
£6 - £11 Per Week, Per Family NOT Per Child

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5 Ways the Educational Backup Team of English & Maths Tutors Can Help Your Children

Giving you unlimited access to Qualified Teachers ensures your
children get the maths and English tuition they need when they
need it
Our regular checks clearly identify the areas a student has been
and is struggling with
We focus on the topic areas a child is having problems in and
don't waste time teaching them something they already
By setting regular activities we help consolidate your children's
understanding of the topic areas they have struggled in and
support them to ensure they eventually understand
Our Diploma system is set to help build a students confidence by
letting them see they can achieve and supporting them to get the
results they want

Our First Foster Care Partner

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EBS is working with Blue Sky Fostering to support Looked After Children

Our Qualified Teachers tutor over 40,000 six to sixteen year olds in English & Maths

Our Tutors

All of our Tutors are Qualified Teachers and are available to tutor and support your children one-to-one, 6 days per week.
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Regular Reports

We monitor a students progress regularly and report back to you so you can be sure they are on track. Our targeted tutoring can then ensure that any problems are dealt with immediately
Interactive Home Tutors


Our Diploma service ensures that it encourages students and rewards them for success and hard work
Supportive Maths Tutors

Interactive Whiteboard

Our interactive whiteboard is a unique, totally secure online whiteboard - children love working in here

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Our Exams Partner


Check-ups and Diplomas based on questions from the Qualifications and Curriculum Development Agency (QCDA)